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Wow...this was a huge hit in my house. Desserts normally last at least a couple days, but I made this for dinner the night before last and woke up yesterday morning to an empty dish on the table (raiders got into the fridge overnight). I made my own graham cracker crust, pressed it into the bottom of a 9 X 9 glass baking dish, then layered the cream cheese/whip cream filling after pre-baking the crust (and allowing it to cool). To speed things up, I chilled it in the freezer for about an hour. Just before serving, I added the blueberry pie filling and chilled for a few minutes more in the refrigerator. This couldn't have been much easier...thanks Rita!

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Cindy Lynn March 11, 2004

I juggled a few things around while making this recipe ~ Used 16 ounces of cream cheese & added just half of the whipped cream to the cream cheese ~ A VERY NICE TASTING TREAT, & I'll be keeping the recipe around! Thanks for sharing a great dessert! [Tagged, made & reviewed in the US Regional Alphabet Tag ~ New England]

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Sydney Mike November 27, 2008

Very very good. I agree with the other reviewer that it makes a bit of a mess when you want to slice it up into wedges and get it out of the pie plate........The filling is just a tad too soft, I think. But the taste is FAB. I omitted the lemon extract and i used 200ml of cream instead of one cup (240), because they come in little packs of 200ml and I didnt want to buy another just for the extra lil bit of cream. It would be great with all other pie toppings too...I would say it is more of a CreamCheese Pie than cheesecake.

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tunasushi June 30, 2006

This was very good. This is fast & easy to prepare, and really quite pretty. The flavor was very nice - not overly sweet, but sweet enough. Everyone enjoyed the flavor. The texture was a just little too soft -even though I chilled it longer than the 2 hours called for. It was not runny - just a bit too soft, making it hard to remove from the pan neatly. I think perhaps a bit more cream cheese (perhaps even as much as an extra package) would solve this minor problem. But really, this was a delightful dessert that I'd be happy to make again. Thanks!

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HeatherFeather May 09, 2003
Easy Blueberry Cream Cheesecake