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I made this mayonnaise in my smoothie maker - couldn't believe it when it worked well. I like a tangy mayonnaise, but if you aren't used to it, I would consider using half a lemon.

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Sherrie-pie February 05, 2007

Felt like something was missing from the flavour. I made it with white vinegar and will be trying it with lemon juice next time just in case that is what is missing. I will edit my comments once I have tried it both ways. Made it again this time exactly to the recipe and using lemon juice and must say that our original feelings have not changed. It still tastes like there is something missing. Sorry to say DH has asked me not to make it again.

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Kiwipom December 14, 2006

INCREDIBLE! I have never made homemade mayo before but from now on I will be! This recipe was so easy and the texture and taste rich and thick. I have to admit at first I was somewhat skeptical but after completing all the steps as _____ indicated I was impressed. I do not have a regular blender so I used a large jar and my immersion blender with successful results. My ingredients were cold from the fridge and I did not find that to be a problem. I used the full 2 tsp of sugar however next time I may add even a little more and a little less lemon juice because I like a sweeter mayonnaise. The juice of one full lemon was tasty however like I said I prefer it a little sweeter. Also, I would like to try it with the vinegar just to see the result. A must try for anyone who makes their own mayonnaise regularly or someone who doesn’t like me. No more store bought ever again. Thank-you so much alleycatb!!!

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Chez Desirée October 23, 2006
Easy Blender Mayonnaise