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I had gotten my butcher to slice up my meat, so much easier for me and that is what they are happy to do. Then I prepped all my stuff and had everything in little condiment cups to add when needed. Things just seem to go a lot faster for me when this is all done especially when there are a lot of ingredients to add in. This stir-fry was another winner of yours Kitten....I didn't change anything in this recipe and the flavors were simply delicious. I did use Japanese rice stick noodles which I really like versus just angel hair or spaghetti for stir fry but that is just my tastes. We had an excellent filling lunch. We both enjoyed this scrumptious meal. Once again thanks for sharing your great recipe Kitten!!

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FrenchBunny May 15, 2011

This was super good but my angelhair pasta stuck together. Next time Ill use speghetti noodles. Thanks for sharing this!

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survivedbrooklyn April 05, 2006
Easy Beef Noodle Stir-Fry