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This recipe was an absolute nightmare. The filling was very runny and hard to work with. There was far too much of it for the amount of crescent roll dough. I had doubled it because I wanted to make 2 cans. I ended up making both cans of crescent rolls, and two cans of Grands! biscuits (by sandwiching the filling between 2 flattened biscuits), with enough filling left over for at least another batch! Maybe I had too many vegetables, but there were no measurements. I did not cut the dough into rounds, and I am glad I did not because I was already struggling so much with it. I made the crescent rolls into squares by seaming 2 together. The Grands! actually worked a bit better. Everyone ate without complaint, and I even got some compliments. However, I was disappointed. I expected a good or even great filling with meh outside crust. I would have been ok with that. But I found this entire recipe to be lackluster and a hassle.

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evewitch October 27, 2010
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