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SO yummy!! Love the blend of spices and the rosewater in it. As I had no ground lamb, I used beef. Really delicious, thanks for sharing this!
Made for Visit Persia/Iran - N*A*M*E-Forum

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Mia in Germany June 07, 2012

I liked the rose. Tasty different meatballs. I used regular ground beef, sea salt to taste, freshly ground cardamom, allspice in place of nutmeg as we do not consume intoxicants, fresh flat leaf parsley, Iranian rose water plus a little dried Damascus rose petals as well from our local Persian grocer, along with the rest of the ingredients. Served with Saffron buttered rice, a yogurt salad and a fresh salad, for a nice meal masha Allah (Praise be to God). Made for Summer 2012 NA*ME TAG! (June, July, August)

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UmmBinat June 14, 2012

I tried to find lamb (ground or not!) for the better part of a month and finally gave up and used beef. Given the difference in taste and texture between the two meats the recipe still came out delicious. I used dried culinary rose petals, the light floral essence made a lovely difference in this recipe and brought it far above ordinary. The spicing is excellent. Made for North Africa/Middle East forum's Winter Tag.

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Annacia January 05, 2014
Easy Basturma Meatballs