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Great barbecue sauce and so easy to make. My sauce wasnt getting thick after 30 minutes so I simmered it another 15 minutes and it was perfect. Placed in the refrigerator until time to use it and the flavors are wonderful! Just enough sweet and tangy flavor with a bit of zip, perfect for us. I used minced garlic from a jar and my onion wasnt as fine as it could have been but we liked the bit of chunkiness on our pork chops. Kitten thank you, I am never disappointed with your recipes! Thank you hon, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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lauralie41 December 20, 2007

I have recently become enamored with the idea of making my own sauce but without the hassle of really doing it from scratch; allowing fewer condiments in my crowded kitchen and more opportunities for small batches that would be used in a reasonable time. This one was very easy to put together and featured items I always have on hand. Since I love zip, I added 1/4 teaspoon of Cajun spice mix to my brew. On the first night I made this it the flavor was delicious a little sweet, a little heat and a little tangy. It did seem that the flavor of the mustard was a little too strong so I thought that amount would need adjustment. However, the next day when the sauce was served on chicken wraps and the balance was just right. I loved that it was not overly thick but provided a good coating to my chicken. Thanks!

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justcallmetoni October 01, 2007

KittenCal, why do I love your recipes? I guess because I have yet to fix one that is not good. This sauce was excellent. I make a pretty "mean" BBQ sauce myself, but decided I wanted to try something new, did a search and your's came up and I gave it a try, because it WAS your's. This stuff is wonderful and oh, so much simpler than mine. Love it and is a keeper for sure.

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Jacqueline in KY August 19, 2006
Easy Barbecue Sauce