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Delicious! I've made these a couple of times now and taken them to 2 pot lucks. People rave about them. I keep forgetting to take a picture of them before they're all gone! This recipe is definitely a keeper. Thanks for sharing. I did not use the mini muffin tins. I just placed the phyllo cups on a cookie sheet.

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browniepie June 21, 2010

I love baklava but it is such a pain to make. this shortcut way goves you the taste without the work

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GingerlyJ April 13, 2011

I use the recipe for pistachio only baklava cups....While it has never been an issue as these just disappear, how did you store these and how much in advance of serving did you make them. I make and serve them on the same day. I find that the mini-phyllo cup get soggy

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lmarema June 19, 2014

Delicious! DH says so. But do get the miniature phyllo cups in advance of preparing for this dish. I ended up using 18 Tenderflake Patty Shells as the syrup and filling was ready to go! They are much bigger! I cooked them most of the way first before adding the filling. Because of that I garnished with some hand whipped 35% cream & a bit of sugar and dolloped it on top of each without adding their tops back on, then sifted the tiniest bit of cinnamon over top for looks. I also used more pistachios, but not much more. I did use the walnuts and less blanched slivered almonds. I cut down the freshly grated lemon zest somewhat out of fear of it being too lemony, may have used a bit more sugar in the nuts, slightly less cinnamon, only a couple dashes sea salt, the amount called for seems wrong, halal vanilla paste both in the syrup (which I doubled) after removing from the heat and a little tiny bit in the nut mixture. I used mostly sugar for the syrup and about 1 3/4 tbs organic, local, raw, honey (that was in a double batch but I made it probably thicker than intended). I would like to make these again using miniature phyllo cups with no need for the cream on top.

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UmmBinat July 18, 2011
Easy Baklava Cups