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My 7 year old daughter wants desert every night and I'm not a desert person, so I told her she can make desert. She wanted to make baked apple's so I put out the ingredients for this recipe in front of her and told her to go for it. She peeled the apples and I corded them, she place them on a baking tray, added the butter, sugar and cinnamon and I put it inside the hot oven and when they were cooked I took it out for her. She then served it and "styled" the plate. It was fanatic, she did everything the directions states except slice the apples (I don't like her to use sharp knife). Little Miss then added her own style with strawberries and grapes. Thank you Zameera for a child friendly recipe.

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Chef floWer February 10, 2011
Easy Bake Oven Baked Apple