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Yum! Ive tried many different tofu mousses, but this one is one of the best as far as taste and texture go. Very smooth and chocolatey. I opted to use some mashed banana instead of the powdered sugar for sweetness, but other than that stuck to your recipe and really enjoyed it. <br/>Thank you so much for sharing this keeper with us, Jen!<br/>Made and reviewed for Veggie Swap #61 August 2013.

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Lalaloula August 04, 2013

This is a pretty good dessert with a tofu base. I used the whole carton of soft silken tofu (19 oz) and increased the chocolate accordingly (I probably used 9 oz of chocolate). I used a mix of semi sweet and milk chocolate, which turned out fine. I also used Kahlua instead of brandy and white sugar instead of confectioners'. I also added a few dashes of cinnamon. I was worried about the texture of this, but after sitting in the fridge overnight it came out mousse-like in texture. Thanks for a great way to use up some tofu and make a healthy-ish dessert!

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Ames Shaps June 08, 2010

This was good, but I would have liked a stronger chocolate flavor, maybe a bit of Kahlua and smoother tofu (perhaps I didn't blend it long enough?) I did appreciate the health aspects of this dish and I think I'll keep experimenting with it. I plan on continuing to watch the reviews for more tips. Thanks so much for posting this; it's hard finding reasonably healthy recipes that satisfy my chocolate cravings!

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KatieGT April 28, 2009

Delicious and healthy, I say let's eat more! I love dark chocolate! I made this based on Chef#486725's recommendation for Top Favorites of 2008 Game and am glad I did. This was my first experience working with tofu so enjoyed learning about it. I did not see the word "silken" on the tofu products where I shopped so bought a 14 ounce container of extra firm tofu and removed about a half cup before the towel absorbing technique which took me about 40 minutes. Shhhh....did not tell DH about the tofu. About 8 squares of Ghirardelli is equivalent to the the 3 ounces that you need for the dark chocolate. Each square is .375 ounces. Mine turned out much darker looking than The Tiny Chef so am curious about that-perhaps the tofu to chocolate ratio ended up being different?? Mine also looks thicker probably b/c the tofu was extra firm in the first place. Thanks ~Jen~ for sharing and look forward to making this again.

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WiGal March 08, 2009

A fabulous recipe which we enjoyed a few weeks ago and it seems my review was snaffled by those ever-lurking Zaar gremlins. But memories of the sheer deliciousness are with me still. I'll often try chocolate mousses in restaurants and am often disappointed. I agree with the previous two reviewers: this recipe is on its way to super-stardom! Not being overly fond of brandy, I followed Maito's suggestion of using kahlua. And when I do get around to making it for guests, I'm certainly going to follow her advice of letting them enjoy it first before mentioning the tofu! Those of us who use tofu know how versatile it is, but to confirmed non-tofu eaters (who've probably mostly never tried it!) it certainly suffers from a poor public image! Made for the October Vegan Swap. This is a recipe I'll treasure forever and make again and again. Thank you for posting it ~Jen~.

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bluemoon downunder November 15, 2008

This was the best tofu mousse I've had. We didn't have brandy so I used creme de cacao (even better in my opinion). Really easy to put together and was great even a few days later. I never experienced the liquid separation that Maito had. Made for V*gan Recipe Swap Sept '08.

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The Tiny Chef September 03, 2008

I made this back when this episode first aired, and it is absolutely fabulous! It is very rich and very thick. I substituted ultrafine sugar and kahlua (and doubled it). I recommend not telling people it has tofu in it, until after they exclaim - this is the best mousse I have ever had!. The tofu really just takes on the flavor of the other ingredients, so use the best chocolate you can find. I served these in martini glasses, so it made 4 very large servings. If this is for company, serve them the same day. They still taste just as good the next day, but the liquid does start to separate a little. This recipe is a true winner!

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Maito January 23, 2008
Easy and Healthy Dark Chocolate Mousse