Easy and Fast Greek Style Yogurt

Total Time
8hrs 3mins
Prep 3 mins
Cook 8 hrs

Thick, creamy, the consistency of soft cream cheese. This works with low fat yogurts too! The ingredients look funny because it wouldn't accept only one ingredient but it would accept a coffee filter as an ingredient, lol.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 (16 ounce) container plain yogurt (low fat, no fat, whole milk, any of them are fine)
  • 1 coffee filter


  1. This will look like a lot of yogurt but will reduce to about 1/3 overnight, so don't be dissuaded by the amount!
  2. Take a wire mesh strainer, place over a bowl and line with either cheese cloth or a coffee filter (I prefer coffee filters).
  3. Pour yogurt into lined strainer. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.
  4. In the morning, remove the plastic wrap and scoop out wonderfully creamy thick yogurt. Store as you would any yogurt.
  5. I find this is fine without sweetening, but you can also add a dollop of jam or some honey or fresh fruit when you serve it.


Most Helpful

Thank you for this awesome idea, Elainia! I used a basket-style paper coffee filter and it works like a charm with my little strainer. For the best flavor and texture, I'll use either Brown Cow Cream Top Plain Yogurt or Stonyfield Plain Cream Top Yogurt. I let mine strain for about 3 hours in the fridge. I also drink the whey (the liquid left in the bottom of the bowl) mixed in a smoothie, juice or a little honey. It's super-high in protein and good probiotics.

Sheri Lou December 31, 2009

I use this all the time to substitute in recipes calling for Greek yogurt. I always use plain nonfat yogurt. If you don't have cheese cloth or a coffee filter, you can also line the sieve with 2 paper towels. You can turn this into a nice fruit yogurt by replacing the liquid that drained off overnight with fruit nectar (just stir the nectar into the thickened yogurt and add some chopped fresh fruit.)

swissms June 13, 2010

I would give this 10 stars if I could. DH LOVES Greek Yogurt and LOVED this. I even made it with fat free yogurt and it turned out great. Thanks for this healthy, easy and dee-lish money saver.

Chef RZ Fan March 09, 2010

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