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Delicious and oh so easy!! This recipe was very easy to follow. I did have a can of almond paste which I used as part of the filling, which made the buns very rich. Within 10 mins of being out of the oven, my 3 sons and DH had them eaten. Thanks

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jcalla January 22, 2004

Delicious and so easy! I think I cut them the wrong direction though so I ended up having to press them down a little into the pan and it made the brown sugar mixture creep too far up the sides and so they were really hard to get out. I had to dig them out and most of the crusty brown sugar stayed in. But it didn't stop these from being enjoyed by all! I used dairy free margarine and almond milk for allergry purposes and they worked well in this. My Dh, son, and I had them all gone in about 10 minutes as well.... and I feel sick now lol. We wanted to enjoy them while still warm though, and we had them as breakfast. I will definitely be making these little gems again! Oh and mine were done in about 13 minutes, so keep an eye on them.

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CulinaryExplorer February 07, 2009

This is very good. I use 5 minute a day artisan bread recipe, though, so I don't have to use commercial dough with all of its' additives, etc. I make a couple of pounds a week as per the recipe for basic bread, then make a variety of breads from it during the week as I want for wahtever I am cooking that week. It sook some setting upa and getting into a routine, but now it is pretty usual, and I get nice quality variety breads for not very much money--certainly a whole weeks worth for less than the cost of two tubes of refrigerator rolls. Give it a try. Lots of fun too! :)

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godbreathed01 May 05, 2014
Easy Almond Sticky Buns