Easy, All-Natural Hard Floor Cleaner

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

Chemical-free! Because Pinesol and Mr. Clean make me gag. Add some essential oils (I like lavender) if you desire a prettier smell. From Vegetarian Times magazine.

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  1. Mix ingredients in a bucket or the sink.
  2. Mop with it.
  3. Let dry.
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This is all I use to clean my hardwoods. When I first moved into my house I started using store bought hardwood cleaners that left my floor sticky and with a film. This stuff was a life saver. It broke through all the grime and made my floors shiney again. Ever since I haven't used a chemical on my floor. I'm glad to see someone posted this recipe on here so maybe others won't make the same mistake.

If you use this recipe and put in a some rubbing alcohol, it will pretend the streaks.

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Not bad...but not great! Left a bit of streak on my hardwood. I will play around with this one a bit more!