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This is one of those recipes that I really wish I could give more than 5 stars. This cheesecake is simply wonderful. I served it at a family Christmas, and it was a total hit. It is rich, creamy, and tastes absolutely wonderful. Fairly easy to make as well. I chose to just use two cans of cherry pie filling for my topping. This is definately a dessert that I will keep in mind for parties at work, family gatherings, and a summer bbq! In a word: Excellant!

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bratty December 28, 2002

Awesome cheesecake! Fresh strawberries had just come into season when I made this one so I placed fresh sliced berries on top of the cheesecake before putting the thickened strawberry topping on top of it. Absolutely wonderful and it disappeared quickly at the potluck we had at work. Many co-workers asked for the recipe! Thanks!

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Poohbear Pam April 19, 2003

Made this for, what else, Easter Sunday. The whole family loved it. Each layer had its own distinct flavor that worked well with the others. I especially loved the strawberry glaze; it was nearly perfect, not too sugary and not too tart. I didn't bake the crust quite long enough but it turned out just fine. And I also didn't let the cheesecake set for the final 6-8 hours, but it still got rave reviews. After the final 5 minutes in the oven, I stuck the cheesecake in the freezer and left it while we ate dinner. About 45 minutes later, took it out and it was great! I'm sure it will be even better tomorrow after more chilling. Thank you!

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Christineyy! March 23, 2008

I can't tell you in words how much we enjoyed this cheesecake! It is easily my favorite dessert that I have ever made. We had this for Valentine's Day, and it was amazing. I love the sour cream topping over the cream cheese part... it is just absolutely decadent!!! I think I will experiment with making it in a round dish next time, just for fun. Thanks again SilentCricket for sharing this recipe with us!

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Shiraz February 16, 2004

I made this for a picnic for the 4th and it ended up not getting touched with the 50 other dessert choices - BUT their loss is OUR gain ;) We ended up eating it the next night and yummmmmmmmmmmy! I used my fiber crust recipe and used half lite firm and half silken tofu for the cream cheese, used fat free sour cream, egg whites, and splenda. I also subbed lime for lemon juice and grated some zest into the tofu batter. AND I tossed in a scant 1/4 cup of toasted, ground pecans that I needed to get rid of. Easy to make, creamy, dreamy, and delish! Thanks Martha!

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nomnom July 07, 2003

Awesome cheescake, topping was out of this world. I made this for Christams dinner and it was so delicious. Very easy to make and tasted so good!

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Danielle in New Hampshire February 04, 2003

Wow! I have been searching for a recipe that has the same ingredients as the cheesecake my Mother made when I was young. Didn't know the measurements of each ingredient. Thank you. Now I can share it with my family too. Shari

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Shari Hermosillo November 23, 2002

I have been making this same cheesecake for 50 years now and only one thing is different. Mine you add 6 eggs. In my family this is the only cheesecake anyone ever makes as it is so easy so fast and by far the best. 5* plus!

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kathy5841 August 10, 2014

This was an easy-to-make cheesecake that was very tasty. Unfortunately, I had a big issue with the crust. I think, in the future, I would do well to spray the pan with non-stick coating spray before baking the crust. The crust came out very hard, and stuck to the pan. It was nearly impossible to get a slice of cheesecake from the pan, and most of the crust remained. That was very disappointing. The strawberry sauce, however, was wonderful and so easy to make. It was the perfect topping! Thanks for sharing this Easter treat. Made for Everyday is a Holiday Tag Game.

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JackieOhNo! April 01, 2013

This was my first try at making a cheesecake since I was a kid and used to make the no-bake kind from the box. I wanted a cheesecake similar to what my mom would have made and this was exactly what I was looking for.

I think that I might have beat the cheesecake mixture a bit too long because it was a bit more dense than I would have liked but the taste was exactly what I was looking for. It was a great addition to our annual Super Bowl party for two.

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Sharbysyd February 05, 2013
Easter Sunday Cheesecake