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Bergy the whiskey sauce on this is heavenly!! I made it just as you said, I intended adding raisins,but discovered I was out of them. Had some dried apricots, so I chopped them to raisin size and added them, turned out wonderfull!! I don't have a skillet large enough to cook the ham steaks all at once, so I veggy sprayed my broiler and roasted the steaks for about 15 minutes @ 400 degrees.(left the butter off, figured there is enough butter in the sauce.)Put them on the platter and poured the sauce over, The best ham steaks we've ever had!! Can't wait for the leftovers tomorrow night. Thank-you Bergy!! — posted Apr 1, 2002,UPDATE: can't figure how I'm the only one to enjoy this recipe, it is fantastic!! Had a half black forrest ham in the freezer, cut into steaks, we enjoyed this soo much!! I used dried cranberries in the sauce, it was delicious!! thanks again Bergy, great recipe. — Dec 5, 2004, 3 members found this helpful Here I am again! we love the sauce so much in this recipe, I tried something different with them for guests comming for appies, I made toast cups, chopped the ham, made the sauce with cream instead of water, added dried cranberries, put the ham in the bottom of the toast cups and poured the sauce in to fill the cups, brought them to a bubble in the oven and served them warm, Ohhhh boy!!! what a wonderful taste, they went over big, we all enjoyed them very much, the flavour is out of this world, thanks again Bergy!! they make a great appy!!!

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Derf April 15, 2006

We really didn't care for the sauce...it tasted like melted butter with whiskey in it...too strong a whiskey taste

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shanti2 June 13, 2007

Very good.. but for my personal taste I needed more brown sugar to off set 2 ounces whiskey. I did sub diced apples as I didn't have raisins and they worked well.

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ketchup December 15, 2004
Easter Ham Steaks with Whiskey Sauce