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I used all fat free or reduced fat versions. I didn't tell my family that it was a healthier version of mac and cheese, just that it wasn't Grandma's recipe. When DD tasted it, she immediately asked if I could make it again sometime. The only thing I may do differently is reduce the breadcrumbs just slightly, but that's just my preference, my family liked it just the way it is. So simple to make, healthier than typical mac and cheese, and rave reviews from my family....absolutely worth all 5 stars.

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whtbxrmom May 19, 2012

Very, very nice recipe that's easy to prepare, & I DID follow the recipe! I used bread crumbs that I 'made' from a nutty, whole grain loaf, which, I thought, added a bit to the flavor! Shared this with a mac-&-cheese-loving neighbor couple & we all are happy to give it the highest rating! Thanks for sharing the recipe! [Made & reviewed in Zaar Chef Alphabet Soup recipe tag]

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Sydney Mike June 20, 2011

This is a keeper for sure, it's sooo cheesy and sooo easy to make and it always comes out perfectly. Everybody loved it! Made one little change: had no buttermilk so used yogurt instead. Great practical mac'n'cheese and great taste too!

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celia_47 May 21, 2011

I love that it was super easy with no pre-cooking of the noodles. I used mini penne and it worked perfectly. It was not as creamy and cheesy as I like my mac n cheese to be, but I happened to have buttermilk and cottage cheese on hand that I needed to use. If I try it again will cover it like The Squid Grrrl recommends and maybe that will help. My family enjoyed it though!

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c.walsh December 08, 2009

This really is a nice, simple recipe. My only concern was whether or not the pasta would cook all the way through using only buttermilk/cottage cheese for liquid. I used a premium Italian pasta (Penette vs. elbow macaroni) which probably has a longer cooking time (if boiling). Mine came out a wee bit al dente but just in parts. In fairness to the recipe I suspect this was also due to my approximating measurements (sorry, that's the kind of cook I am). Next time I'll eyeball it better before baking and add a little 1% milk or hot broth for extra moisture. The topping was very nice. I baked this covered for 35 minutes at 375, uncovered for 15 at 400 and that seemed perfect. I think baking it uncovered for the whole time might result in a drier dish and undercooked pasta. The texture of the cheese sauce isn't super creamy but perfectly acceptable for a lower fat recipe. Great w/ XXX-sharp Cheddar (if you can find it) and I used dijon mustard, purely due to availability of ingredients. It had a wonderful sharp flavor. I also added frozen broccoli florets because I feel guilty if I eat mac 'n' cheese w/o any veggies in it. Peas would be great too. Love the added calcium of the cottage cheese. Lastly, I added a few tablespoons of Benefiber as I often do to enhance nutritional value of low fiber dishes. For those following Weight Watchers this also lowers the points a bit. I'll definitely use this recipe next time. Thanks!

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The Squid Grrrrl November 25, 2007

Very tasty! I made a half recipe and it was the perfect use for some leftover buttermilk I needed to use - I actually was a little short and made up the difference with skim milk, which worked fine. I added an extra 1/4 cup cheddar (had it to use up also) and a few dashes of hot sauce. Thanks for the recipe - I will certainly be making this again!

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flower7 March 21, 2007
Easiest Mac 'n' Cheese