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Well, this certainly was an easy recipe, but probably easier than it was worth. I followed the ingredients and instructions faithfully, but the dough did not rise at all (even after over an hour) even though I “proofed” the yeast separately in warm water and sugar and the yeast passed the activity test. The cooked dough was heavy and chewy.

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Mille® June 29, 2002

My human dad asked me to send in this review. Please note that this is a review of the recipe AFTER Friedel and my dad had an on-line discussion following the 2-star review that he previously sent in, and after Friedel was kind enough to send a correction of the recipe to Recipezaar. What a difference it made to have the ingredients and instructions made clear by the author. We wound up making 2 more batches because it was so good and easy to make, and it got used as follows: (1) pizza crust for homemade pizza; (2) the dough ingredient in Chef ChrissyO’s Sausage Bread Roll for doggies (that would be me) - her recipe is ID # 28379; and (3) rounded into small individual focaccia breads, which were topped with caramelized onions, chopped tomatoes, chopped artichoke hearts, minced garlic, chopped olives, fresh rosemary, and ground black pepper. As a result of the voracious consumption of these three goodies that subsequently occurred in our household, it is necessary and just to change the words “heavy and chewy” in the previous review to “airy, delicious and extremely versatile” in this review. And, without hesitation or reservation, to upgrade the rating from 2 stars to 5.

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Fido ®™ September 30, 2002

Oh, yum,yum,YUM! Ihad never made regular pizza dough before - only whole-wheat. This was so good! I doubled it,because in this house we always have 2 pizzas - one for the Kiddo, because she just likes fresh mushrooms only, and 1 for us since we like green pepper and onion along with the "shooms." Bought a real tasty pound of mozzarella,and with MizzNezz's sauce -it was a winner all the way! No more Pillsbury crusts around here!

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HEP MEP March 13, 2003

This chef was kind enough to send me a link to this recipe after I posted a request. I am so glad she did. I did a very brave thing and doubled the recipe in my bread machine for the dough setting. Upon taking out the dough to rest it actually rose much higher than my normal bread recipes! It was amazing. The result was a very nice crisp crust. I will be using this recipe for now on. Thanks!

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Just Cher January 01, 2003

I followed the directions exactly as posted. It was easy, quick and tasted really good. I will make this again. DH gave it a nod of approval also.

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Cinda Lu January 05, 2013

This recipe was so easy the only thing is you have to add a lot of extra flour to make it workable. But it was still delicious

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aajeremy_jacobs October 26, 2007

I was so suprised how good this turned out! I gave up making pizza dough a while ago because all the recipes I tried came out of the oven crispy and yeast-tasting on the outside, but I like soft, chewy, hand-tossed style pizza. I tried this recipe after seeing some reviews saying this was soft, and Yum! I loved it, it finally didn't turn all crispy! I rolled it to 1/2" like the recipe said, and pre-baked for 3 minuted at 445*, and it did rise quite a bit, so I think next time I'l roll it a little thinner so it won't turn out as thick in the middle (but we like thick crusts, so it wasnt a problem :) ). I made white pizza with this dough, and my family thought it was soo good, better than other recipes! Thank you very much for this recipe, I will sure use it again and again!!

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Sweet Chef August 16, 2006

great recipe. best i've tried!
i added some herbs to my dough and it made it even better. (italian seasonings, garlic, etc).
thanks for posting this!

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adams.wifey February 11, 2013

This turned out well for me. Quick, nice flavour. I used 1/3 whole wheat flour and probably let it rise a bit longer. Thank you!

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DancesInGarden June 13, 2010

This turned out very well. I threw everything into the bread machine on dough setting, and an hour later I had perfect dough. It rolled out easily and continued to rise. The crust was nice and thick and baked quickly to a nice golden colour but not too long, as hubby likes a softer crust. This recipe is a keeper.

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Sing4mysupper March 31, 2010
Easiest Ever Pizza Dough