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WOW! I'm so glad to have found this recipe... it is so easy and quick!!! I switched the Earl Grey with a Pacific-Sun tea blend (I think it is a black tea mixed with citrus, roses, and other stuff). I subbed the vanilla for almond extract which was phenomenal! After baking for 10 minutes, they came out wonderfully moist with a slight crunch. I grind all the dry ingredients together and store them in an airtight jar. That way, whenever I want cookies, all I have to do, is add 1 cup of butter and 1 tsp each of extract and water (which are always at hand) for 3 cups of dry ingredients. Could make a really nice gift too. Thanks a bunch for this treasure of a recipe!

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Geniale Genie November 16, 2009

Really yummy! I didn't have earl grey, so I used regular black tea and added the zest from one lime. They turned out really well- I gave them as a thank you gift and got an email 20 minitutes after delivering them, begging for the recipe! -Very short-bready, with a little something different. Probably good rolled in sugar prior to baking...

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mackenziemccarty September 23, 2009

These cookies are amazing!! I used a lavender Earl Grey, and didn't have white sugar so used light brown sugar, and they turned out fantastic!

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kelroy207 June 03, 2009

These taste great. The Earl Grey flavor is very subtle and may be overshadowed if you get the cookies too brown. I did not get 72 cookies out of this recipe, but I don't really find that surprising.

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Ben_GA June 01, 2009

Great cookies. I used more Earl Grey tea leaves and whizzed them up in the blender first. Introduced some folks at work to them and had interesting reactions, as such use of flavoring is unusual in everyday cooking [but not in the world of gastronomy], but most people loved them and liked the novelty.

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BestFriendsStevie February 23, 2009

These were really hard to rate. On the one hand, they are an excellent, easy-to-make butter cookie with a delightful texture. On the other hand, they just did not have much of a pronounced Earl Grey flavor to me. Made them as an Xmas 08 gift for my BIL, though, and he and his wife seemed to really enjoy them. Might try subbing lemon peel next time, because I bet this would be phenomenal lemon cookies.

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Chef MB January 01, 2009

I love Earl Grey - I drink it every morning - so how could I NOT try out these cookies? And I was not disappointed. They are simple little cookies, but really delicious. I added a dusting of powdered sugar (as per suggestion) and that adds a nice punch. I'm pondering making them next time with lemon extract instead of (or in addition to) the vanilla extract. I think lemon would be a nice addition because the tea already has that bergamot citrus thing going on. I also considered a light lemon glaze drizzle. I will make them again for sure. They're great. Thank you Vino Girl!

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Georgiapea December 17, 2008

Being a religious Earl Grey tea drinker, I had to try these cookies. They were delicious, moist with a lemony hint. The only problem I had was not reading the instructions in their entirety. I put all of the cookies on one baking sheet, when I should have used two. I ended up with one baking sheet sized cookie! However, it was easy enough to cut them into squares, and they still tasted great. Thanks for the recipe Vino Girl!!

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SaffronMeSilly December 15, 2008

Wafery thin and delicious. I prefer a cookie with a bit more texture; next time I'll add another 1/2 cup of flour and reduce temperatre to 350 for 15-18 minutes. As is, I used powdered sugar on top and they were a hit. :)

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Kai Hire December 14, 2008

While I loved these delicate little cookies, I did find it was rather impossible to roll the cookie dough into a 12-inch log, and to make a descent size cookie. Mine was more like 11-1/2 inches in length, and 1-1/4 inches in width. And I ended up with 32 (1-1/4 inch) sized cookies, which I ended up rolling them in powdered sugar, as the edges and bottom of the cookies got a bit dark. Besides, I thought the cookies tasted better coated with the powdered sugar anyways. Perhaps these cookies should be baked at 350º (instead of 375º). I also wanted to mention... I did use 2 teaspoons of water, so the cookie dough wasn't too dry, and instead of using Earl Grey Tea, I used Lipton's Mango Peach White Tea, as that's what I had in my cupboard at the time when I wanted to make these cookies. The Peach Mango Tea really gave these cookies lots of flavor. I want to make these cookies again, but next time, I'm going to use Lipton's Blueberry Pomegranate White Tea; especially since I love white tea, and the two flavors I have mentioned. (By the way... both flavors of teas which I mentioned, come in a triangle-shaped tea bag, and in a yellow box which yields 18 tea bags to a box.) Vino Girl, these were might tasty cookies. I look forward to making them again. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

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1DomesticGoddess February 08, 2015
Earl Grey Tea Cookies