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Wow - this oatmeal is really delicious! A little more trouble than I usually go to for my morning oatmeal but worth it for a special treat once in a while. The flavor of the tea really comes through and is a great match for the nutty toasted oatmeal. The lemon and honey flavors were subtle; you suggested topping with fruit so I used blueberries and it was perfect with this. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Made for ZWT8, Chefs gone WILD!

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loof August 14, 2012

Really good oatmeal. Halved recipe. Very tasty, thanks for posting! Made for The Honeys for ZWT8

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Muffin Goddess August 24, 2012

I love steel cut oats, but only have them as an occasional treat because of the time involved. This one will be my go-to recipe when I do treat myself. Loved all of the flavors in this and toasting the oats in butter really added a lot of flavor. The tea flavor was perfect. Made for ZWT8.

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Outta Here August 21, 2012

Unique oatmeal, nice for a change of pace! The Earl Grey tea taste comes through clearly, and the lemon and honey is subtle. This was quite a bit more production than my usual rolled oats, and once the oatmeal joined the milk, it still required another 25 minutes to thicken. I thought, the steel cuts oats must be better for me, but the nutritional label comparison with my Old Fashioned Oats did not bear that out. I did enjoy the nutty crunch of the steel cut oats. I am unaccustomed to using so much milk in my oatmeal, although I remember that as a child we always made our oatmeal with milk; I guess I had conditioned myself to water instead of milk for diet reasons. I topped my oatmeal with raisins. DH asked for seconds, too, so this had to be very good; thank you for sharing. Made for The Wild Bunch of ZWT8 for its visit to Britain.

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KateL August 18, 2012

love this toasted oatmeal dry not with butter. made for one . honey is needed for me love this zaar world tour 8

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Dienia B. August 15, 2012
Earl Grey Oatmeal (For Zwt-8)