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Yum!! It's been so cold here in Mn, and this soup was just the thing to warm the soul! I didn't pureƩ the soup, just left it as is, and cooked it down a little more. Total time on the stove was about 2 1/2 hours. This gave it the thickness I like, and there was no need for pureƩing. I threw in a few carrots too. I used Spanish Chorizo for the sausage (it's what I had on hand) and that gave it a little zing too. Thanks for yet another great recipe, Sue!

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canarygirl October 16, 2002

This was absolutely the best tasting pea soup ever! I made it pretty much word for word except that I subbed diced carrots for the celery and leeks. I did puree the soup bvefore adding the meat and veggies and then I cooked it for quite a bit longer than 35 minutes (I cooked for about hour at low heat). The soup is aromatic, rich, warm, filling and tasty. It's meaty and smokey and just plain good! Try it! You'll love it!

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SaraFish January 02, 2003

Oh yeah,this is great. Especially on a cold winter night (or day,as you like). Unfortunately my half-Egyptian kids don't like it,but I still make it for myself.:-)

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Chef Nourshe September 24, 2008

Excellent soup! The changes I made did not touch the 'bones' of the recipe. I used a huge sweet onion--cut chunks from each end and stuck the cloves in those and roughly chopped the rest of the onion. I used a smoked ham hock and some chunks of Virginia ham. I left the onion (but not the cloves) in the soup and cooked it down a bit longer than an hour at which time the peas and onions had already became soup--no need to puree. Along with the listed veg, I added cubed carrots; gave the soup good color and flavor. High marks from and second helpings for every one at the table.

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Chef Kate December 11, 2006
Dutch Split Pea Soup