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I made these for ZWT4 - and they were fantastic. The spices were beautiful, and the biscuits were were so crisp and crunchy. The only downside was that the dough was difficult to work with, I rolled them out thinly & used a cutter, but some of them broke. It's best to work with small amounts of dough in one go I think. Thanks for posting Andria, I might try making these with ginger so they are like the speculoos biscuits I had in Belgium.

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LilKiwiChicken June 04, 2008

I took these to a cricket match and shared them around. One little boy couldn't get enough of them! I used half the dough in my shortbread mould (to make a Dutch/Scottish cookie!) and rolled out the rest and used cookie cutters. I preferred the thin ones. They were nice and crunchy. My big cookie was too thick and had more of a cakey texture. The spices were very tasty. Funnily enough, nobody picked the spices. Most people guessed it was ginger - but they all liked them just the same.

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RonaNZ March 23, 2008
Dutch Speculaas Cookies (Contains Ground Almonds)