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This recipe makes absolutely delicious kroketten. My in-laws immigrated from the Netherlands and my husband grew up eating kroketten. He sent me this recipe recently asking me to try making them. I used chicken leftover from a grocery store rotisserie chicken, so the meat was already very tender. The stock smelled amazing as it simmered, and the mixture tasted fantastic. I think the nutmeg gives it an especially interesting flavor. The mixture was very sticky and didn't form easily into rolls even though it was completely cool, so I think next time I will add a bit more flour and let it thicken more. That being said, I was able to form them well enough to fry even if they didn't look very pretty (that part was the most difficult). I did a shallow fry in a 12-in skillet, as we don't have a deep fryer, and it worked perfectly. They tasted amazing, the inside was soft and creamy, and my 7-year-old declared that it was his "new favorite chicken meal." I'll definitely be making these again.

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Anonymous February 17, 2015

I used rice and potato flour as well as gluten free bread crumbs to make these. They turned out incredible! It had been 5 years since I had a kroket (since finding out I need to be gluten free)...these brought tears of joy to my eyes! thank you!! I was so afraid to try to make them, and it was so easy! My husband thought they were better than the ones we had in Holland!

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ndelacourt March 15, 2010

A huge hit with everyone: I made a kilo for a dinner party and there were none left over. I made these using 2/3 ground veal and 1/3 spicy pork sausage meat to give it a mild bite. I didn't have lemon juice but the flavour was still terrific. Instead of regular flour I thickened the roux with potato flour. I didn't separate the eggs, just beat them and used them to dip the meatballs before rolling them in the crumbs. For those who don't like to deep fry, you can get away with shallow frying them because only the egg-crumb exterior has to cook: the inside just has to heat up and 'melt', so it's pretty fast. What's great about this recipe is how forgiving it is - you can substitute ingredients and try different variations. It's a bit labour intensive to make because the meat has to be chilled and rolled, but great for special occasions.

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Scoopers January 02, 2010

made these for my dutch mum, and she loved them! (which is highly unusual, she is very picky) thanks for the recipe!!

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mummamills January 26, 2008

Thanks for posting this recipe! I have made croquettes from scratch based on a recipe from my Oma, but it never turned out consistently good. I have used yours for 2 years now and they turn out great! I modify mine a bit by using the crock pot to cook the meat, don't use any chicken stock if using the crock pot, and adding curry, salt, pepper, fresh green onion, and onion powder, with the meat. Lots of work but my kids are crazy about them and they are a tradition we make every Christmas!

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Bernbaby December 16, 2006

Daydream...how could I rave about your recipe without a star rating !!!

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Jenny Thetford January 01, 2006
Dutch Kroketten (Croquettes)