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This was quite good, very taste. The only variations I made was 1.the Deli only had smoked Gouda, so I use that. 2.quanity. At the Deli I got 1/2 lb Black Forest Ham and 10 slices of Smoked Gouda, it worked out perfect 10 slices each. I eat them over a 3 day period, which got better has time increased. None of the ingredient broke down and they stayed rolled. The Smoke Gouda made a pleasant contrabution, I'll use it again next time.

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david in Mission Viejo February 05, 2006

Super easy. I've never done a ham and cheese roll up with condiments before. So, I mixed the mustard and mayo together, spread it on and let them rest in the fridge for a bit. I had about 2 tsp mustard/mayo left... perhaps I didn't spread it as thick as the recipe intends... but, no harm. My toddler needed the rolls sliced into 1/4 pieces, and this worked fine(actually holds much better than my usual condiment free version!) They were easy for him to pick up as they kept their shape. Fun and tasty spiral snacks! Thanks!

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rsarahl May 21, 2005
Dutch Ham Rolls (A.k.a. Breadless Sandwich a Low Carb Snack)