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Friends - This is a GREAT recipe. Mizzle - You make me miss my Opa and Nany!

I made these adjustments to get it as close as possible to the one I ate in the video: - Cut sugar in 1/2 for the filling to 1/4 cup - Double the amount of cinnamon - Add 1 TBS ground ginger


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marcosten November 30, 2012

Okay, clearly written from a Euro perspective. If you are cooking in the US here are a few helpful 'adjustments'. 2 and 1/8 cups self-rising flour = 2 cups all purpose flour 2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder, 1/4 tsp. salt (and perhaps 1 additional tablespoon of flour). The 1 tsp. vanilla 'essence' is vanilla extract. (helpful in binding the dough). Or if you're using the 8 grams of vanilla sugar,that = 2 teaspoons. 2 and 1/4 kilos of apples is about six cups -- but basically whatever it takes to fill your 9" springform pan. The egg depends on what you are using -- if you use small or medium eggs you'll need to use the whole egg for the dough. If you are using a large or extra large or jumbo egg you may be able to squeeze out enough to brush the tops of the lattice -- but really, is there much harm in cracking another egg to brush the top? Not sure what the other reviewers are talking about when they refer to 'custard powder' -- I know traditional thickeners for pie are flour, corn starch (which is what I'm guessing is meant by 'custard powder') or tapioca (which comes as a flour or small pearl -- if using the small pearl it is important to let the fruit sit in its juices for awhile before adding to the pastry and baking). Thought the one reviewer's suggestion of just a little ice water (which is also used in traditional American pie crust) was a good one -- but just a little :)

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jisliss2 April 11, 2012

This recipe was easy to make. I did the pastry in a food processor, and it worked out well.I used unsalted butter, added tablespoon of custard powder and a little iced water to the dough, as the egg didn't seem to be enough. i didn't use semolina, i used the custard powder. I did turn down the heat after 30 mins, and put alumminium foil on the top of pie close to end of cooking time.My mother, who is dutch, made an apple tart from the Groot Margriet kookboek, she said this recipe was better!! So I thoroughly recommend it, it will become a favourite in our household, especially with my husband!!!

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omarosie June 06, 2011

i live in holland but i´ve never been able to make a descent apple pie, until now. i was googling, and i figured that a grandmother´s recipe would probably be the best. it was so yummy, and very easy. i´d like to add some tips that i figured out on the way, u can use this dough as a pie too if u don´t have a spring form, i doubled the dough (1 and 2/3) which gave me more than enough to make 2 small pies. the filling stayed the same. some people like to add raisins i don´t. another idea is to add custard powder to the filling before u put it in the pie,it adds some creaminess, very yummy. i learned that one from my mom who put custard on the dough in the form before adding the filling so it wouldn´t get too soggy. anyways, i loved the recipe and have already made a few for my family and people from church.

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taartbakster June 15, 2007

This is the real thing! My Dutch boyfriend tried this recipe and we both agreed that it is the appletaartje that you will find people queueing for at the Noordermarkt (North market) in Amsterdam. There it is served with cream and coffee and no-one seems to bother ordering any-thing else because it is so good! The really special thing about this recipe is the base/crust which is almost like a crumble in taste but firm. We will definitely be using this recipe again.

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esarahcarter November 02, 2006

Simple yet great recipe. Only comment I would have is it would help me to have some better photos, as I am a beginner... And I really need some good photos so I know whether I am on track when making the Dutch apple pie. I really need that Dutch one, with perfect crust at least once a week....My friend shared this kind a similar recipe with me. Great explanation as well: http://www.hollandboutique.com/recipes/dutch-apple-pie

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Frenk B. July 09, 2014

So easy to make, and the taste is so delicious!!!

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Cassandra S. February 13, 2014

I have made this often and have adapted some items. I always use unsalted butter and never add additional salt since the self-rising flower contains salt. It turns out to be not as salty as the required salt in the original recipe overpowers the taste. Otherwise, it is just great. My husband and his mother "oma" enjoy a taste of HOLLAND. Thanks!

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VANDEMERWE1 May 09, 2011

Very nice pie, I made it to serve to my aughter's soon to be in-laws when we met them for the first time. I avoided the pastry challenges by mixing in the food processor an used a vanilla bean for added flavour an a contemporary look! I used the custard powder as suggested by several reviewers and loved the aditional taste an texture! Will definitly make this again!

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sho enough January 24, 2011

Lovely pie, I used custard powder instead of semolia as recommender by another reviewer and it was beautiful. I turned the heat down a little after 20 mins as it was browning a little too quickly. Next time I will line the base and side of the tin. Thanks Mizzle.

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pt.keeling November 08, 2009
Dutch Apple Pie (Oma's Appeltaart)