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I really love it when recipes that are so simple turn out so delicious! My boyfriend and I have been eating them all day. They are almost gone. I wouldn't change a thing. Great flavor! The only thing I did differently was I quick soaked the beans. Instead of soaking them overnight you can bring them to a boil for 3 minutes then turn off the heat and let them sit covered for one hour.

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lettuce = enemy April 08, 2011

My dad rates these as Excellent! I have to agree with him. I made them for him. He was commenting that his grandma used to make baked beans for him all the time. So since they were coming to visit yesterday I got up early and got started in the oven. They baked all day! Dad ate a big bowl full at supper and took some home with him to take to work. They are so quick and easy to put together after the beans are cooked, stir every once in a while. I think the only thing I would do next time is get a good black strap molasses...more like what my great grandma would have bought way back in the early 50s. All I had was baking molasses, I think it would give a deeper flavor. He has ordered them for the family camping trip in August. I think the cast iron dutch oven will go to the lake with me.

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KennKonn May 14, 2009

I haven't made these, but I feel qualified to rate them, because this is almost exactly my recipe! It was my grandmother's recipe, who was a true New England Yankee. I'm tickled that her recipe is so similar to Durgin Park's!

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MarthaCooks July 03, 2008

I really liked these baked beans! They are definitely not like canned beans and have a nice, mild flavor. I did add half again of the molasses mixture, though I might double it next time for a little bit stronger flavor. Very easy and definitely a keeper! Thanks!

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Dwynnie May 30, 2007

100 yrs ago, my school's PTA put on a ham-and-baked-beans dinner every fall to raise money. Don't remember much about the ham but the baked beans were incredible. B&M baked beans used to be close but that recipe seems to have changed in the past few years... just not quite the same. This recipe sounded similar to what I remember so I tried it this weekend to serve at an extended family get-together. I followed the recipe but increased the molasses mixture by half as suggested by a reviewer. I hit pay dirt!!! These baked beans are just PERFECT and had to be almost the same exact recipe the PTA ladies used. The baked beans were a huge hit w/ the family and went great w/ the ham my sister brought. The crock pot thing is THE way to go! The recipe is a bit large for "just me" but you may be sure that I will be making half-batches of this... the baked beans are incredible!

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Impera_Magna December 31, 2006

Perfect Boston Baked Beans. Just the way my grandmother made them. I even have her old bean pot. Thanks!

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Alan in SW Florida January 04, 2006

Fantabulous!!! My grandmother made beans like these and I had lost her recipe in a fire. Thank you so much for posting this. The whole family loved them. I was a little skeptical about the whole onion at the bottom of the pot, but it almost dissolved into the sauce in the cooking. I used the crockpot method, but needed to cook them more like 8 hours. They were a little softer than I remember my grandmother's being, but they were plenty saucy and very flavorful. I won't be changeing anything! I served them with Boston Brown Bread and a salad.

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Donna Matthews February 18, 2005

Hubby says this is like the difference between opening a can of Spaghettios and "real" spaghetti. He's the baked bean aficionado in the family and he says 10 stars. This is not a sauced, sweet baked bean recipe. They're creamy and mildly flavored. Next time I'll double the molasses mixture (not the salt and pepper) for added flavor. I added no extra water while oven baking and there was no sauce to speak of after six hours and neither were they dried or crusted at all.

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sugarpea January 08, 2005
Durgin Park Baked Beans