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This was fun to make, that's for sure... I have to admit that my first attempt wasn't very attractive, but boy did it taste great! The issue I had was transferring it from the bowl to the baking pot - it was sticky, and since I let it rise in the mixing bowl, it didn't want to move! The second time I made it, I floured it well and placed it in another bowl. This time it was easy to dump into the pot, although I think I'll try GW's oat bran, or maybe cornmeal instead of flour to keep it from sticking. **Update - I made it for the third time, only this time I used parchment and did the final rising with the dough on parchment, in a deep pan of similar width to my cast iron pot, sprayed it with PAM, and covered it with saran. When it was time to transfer it to the hot pot in the oven, the parchment worked like a sling and made transferring it SO EASY because you just drop the whole thing, parchment and all, into the pot. It came out gorgeous and sure tastes wonderful! I like that this is a small loaf, which is perfect for us! I actually brought this along for Father's Day, and it was the talk of the lunch! After having made it more than six times now, the only downside is how many people ask you to make it for them because it is THAT GOOD! Thanks, Duonyte! Made for 1-2-3 Hits Tag.

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Katzen July 11, 2009

I thought I had reviewed this recipe, but I suppose not. <br/>I loved this recipe. I'm making it again as i write this. The method is very clear and easy to follow, and the bread is awesome. I saw a good deal of oven-spring and an open crumb with very good taste.<br/>Red

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Red Apple Guy November 07, 2013

This was really delicious, crunchy outside and soft inside. Since I have my sourdough starter I have fun in making sourdough breads. This is a really super easy recipe with great results. I did not have enough time for the step 4, so the dough had "only" 6 hours time for resting, perhaps for this reason the surface was not really smooth, but on the other hand the rough browned surface was a delish. Thanks a lot for posting your delicious recipes!

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awalde December 21, 2014

My wife and I recently picked up bread making as a fun hobby to do together. We got the basic white breads down fairly quickly and wanted to experiment with sourdough. We began making a starter from scratch and after of week and a half of feeding and nurturing it, it was finally ready so we started looking around for a sourdough loaf recipe to try and decided on this one due to the great reviews. The ingredients were so few, in fact I am having a hard time remembering anything I have cooked or baked with fewer ingredients that I thought it may be bland. No sugar? No oil? That's insane! And I fully expected our first loaf to not rise, or bake into a brick, or be burnt due to our lack of experience with this type of bread....but it turned out absolutely perfect! I set the dough out to rise before I went to bed, and my wife finished up with the baking while I was at work the next day. By the time I got home, between her and our kids it was nearly gone! The crust was stiff and textured but not crispy or brittle, and the inside was dense and chewy but not hard or unpleasant at all. And the taste was absolute heaven! It hasn't even been a day since our first loaf came out of the oven and we have a double recipe rising for another batch tomorrow. This will definitely be made regularly at our house, thank you so much to duonyte!

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wayl0n November 15, 2014

The flavour and texture of this bread are absolutely perfect. It was a bit cool here today, so I couldn't get huge rises, but the taste is truly off the chart. Thanks so much for figuring out such an easy-to-make sourdough.

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Leggy Peggy February 06, 2014

This was my first attempt at ever baking bread with sourdough and it turned out so nice! I loved the thick and flavourful crust it got and the lovely chewy centre. Mmmm!
Your directions were very clear and easy to follow. The process scared me at first, but it wasnt difficult in the end and I quite enjoyed it. Ill surely make this again!
I made double the recipe and made one loaf in the pot as suggested and from the other dough I made bread rolls, which I baked on the baking sheet. They turned out super yummy, too just without the thick crust.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this awesome recipe with us, duonyte!
Made and reviewed for Zaar Stars December 2010.

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Lalaloula December 01, 2010

I have just found out that sourdough is good for diabetics, even the white bread as it has things in it that ordinary white bread don't. So I am thrilled that I can still have my sourdough with out getting a sugar spike. I made one loaf wholemeal, and one white, and I think the white turned out better, the brown was very nice but a bit dense. I maybe should of added a bit of white flour to it but both were very good. Thank you for a fail safe recipe. I will be making this again.

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Tea Jenny August 21, 2010

I made bread rolls out of that and baked them for 25 minutes. They were really nice. I like this recipe a lot as i needed some ideas what to do with my sourdough starter. I will use this recipe a lot as it is really simple to follow. I will try and add some seeds to the bread rolls next time or i might even go for the big loaf.

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Iceland October 09, 2009

I can't believe it is so easy. I got a starter from a friend with a long and complicated recipe. Too complicated for me.So I searched the Zaar and found this unbelievably easy and very tasty bread. I have baked my bread in a Pyrex casserole dish. Six stars not just five. Thanks for posting. UPDATING For last three months I have been making this bread twice a week. It's so easy and tastes great. I have even grown my own sourdough starter - was easier than expected. Thanks Duonyte for encouragement. Better late than never

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Iwona1961 October 01, 2009
Duonyte's No-Knead Sourdough Bread