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So fluffy you have cut them with a string

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  1. Put flour salt & eggs in bowl. Heat milk and sugar to lukewarm. Add crumbled yeast and wait for it to rise, add milk mixture to flour and egg. And mix well.
  2. Roll out with hands on a flour board, until no longer sticky. Return to bowl flour top and cover with dish cloth. Let rise. divide into 6 balls and roll into fingers. Let rise in warm place. Boil water drop in 2 fingers for 5 minute Turn and cook 5 more minutes. Do this until done.
  3. Slice with string and brush with melted butter.
  4. 1st rise about 2 hours till double.
  5. 2nd rise about 1 hour then start water.
  6. This is real good with a thick chicken gravy or beef, pork.
  7. stew.

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