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This recipe is excellent. It doesn't require boiling a can of S.C. milk, as many others do. It even takes less time than those recipes. I did not have any problems with Lebovitz's oven method. As per the recipe, I DID NOT stir the S.C. milk until it was done. Maybe stirring was ~Rita~'s problem? I doubled this recipe, using two cans of S.C. milk. I used an 8.5x11 glass dish and baked for two hours (using water bath and foil cover). The consistency was smooth-and-creamy and the taste was absolutely delicious! After the S.C. milk cooled for 20 minutes it was chunky and I whisked for about 10 minutes, taking frequent breaks. The result was a thick and rich spreadable caramel. I will make this again.

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A.B. Hall March 03, 2008

I really wanted to like this recipe because it would have made my Dulce De Leche - Fudge-Like Vanilla Caramel - It's Sinfully Wond very very easy! This did not have that smoothness it was a bit gritty. But don`t get me wrong it was good and will be enjoyed. I did add a vanilla bean as I used in my recipe above. You must stir at least 6 times while in the oven.

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Rita~ December 04, 2007
Dulce De Leche