Dulce de Leche

READY IN: 4hrs 2mins
Recipe by Meghan

It is a delicious carmel spread from Brazil. I got this from a friend who was an exchange student there, it is the most addicting thing ever, watch out, this is NOT low in fat...quite the contrary :)but soooo worth it.

Top Review by Alex Borshch

Actually, the people that boil the can without opening it first are not idiots but know what they are doing. If you submerge the whole can in water (at least an inch of water above the can) the can will never explode. Instead, you will be able to make the caramel in half the time, since it will be boiled under pressure. In two hours you will have semi-solid spread and in 3.5 a solid dessert. Plus it's easy, no need to open the can, find a foil, measure the water level. Just take the can and boil it. Voila.


  1. Pierce the top of the can with a bottle opener and remove paper from can.
  2. Cover top of can tightly with aluminum foil.
  3. Place in a sauce pan, submerge in water to 1" from the top.
  4. Boil over med-low heat for 4 hours.
  5. Open lid of can and place contents in a bowl.
  6. EXCELLENT for dipping apples, pears, crackers and for spreading of bread and great on ice cream!

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