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Having lived in the Seattle area for years I am fortunate enough to have eaten at Duke's many times. I have made this recipe many times also, the first time following it exactly and after that making certain modifications. Instead of 4 c heavy cream I use 1 c heavy cream, 1 c half & half, and 2 cups of either whole milk (special occasions) or 2% milk. It is still plenty rich and thick. I also drain the liquid from 4 cans of clams, reserve it to let the sand settle, then use that for the 1.25 c clam juice, adding more if the mixture is too thick. If you can find applewood smoked uncured bacon that is fantastic. Clam base can be hard to find but if you are in Seattle try QFC or whatever replaced Larry's Market :( If you're in the DC area, try Wegmans, Balducci's or Whole Foods. Or ask a reputable seafood market. (Clam base is a thick, moist, paste-like substance that is essentially concentrated clammy deliciousness. If you can't find it it is not the end of the world but it does help.) Now, if someone could just post the recipe for Duke's Pier Pie, which has mysteriously disappeared from their menu, life would be complete....

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Quite Contrary December 11, 2009

This is very close to the real dukes chowder, but of course it's not the exact same as at the restaurant. In lieu of clam base, I took to cans of drained minced clams and put then into a food processor with a bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper then mid to a paste. Seems to do the trick. I also cut the heavy cream in half and use 2% instead. It's still think and rich, but feels lighter. I would recommend using good thick applewood smoked bacon, not that crap from a cardboard box. I agree with what the founder/ owner of Dukes said about chowder - cook it then let it sit in the fridge overnight to let the seasonings/ herb/ clam flavors develop, then reheat and serve the next day. This is very true. Of the two times I have made this, it improved substantially over night. Make this recipe if you want awesome chowder.

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Chris G. September 24, 2014

Sometimes you find that special place to eat that warms your heart every time you think of it. Dukes Chowder House is that place for me. The clam chowder there is so amazing I cant wait to find a new friend just so I can introduce them to the best chowder Ive ever tasted.

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Smokiebaer April 01, 2012

This was delicious! I ignored the instructions on the mondo can of clams I'd picked up at Costco (they come in a 2-pack, I think 52 oz. each of clams and juice) in favor of this recipe. <br/><br/>I do like the notion of draining the liquid first to let the sand settle...the little sandy bits are annoying! <br/><br/>I didn't have clam base, but the recipe didn't seem to feel the lack: I am tempted to buy a jar, if I can find it, though. Better Than Bouillon is what I use for all my beef/chicken/vegetable stocks--no msg, and it comes in a lovely paste that dissolves easily in recipes--and they do make a clam base!<br/><br/>This was rich, thick and velvety, and the fresh parsley at the end was a great touch. I don't think I can go back to Ivar's: It's good, but not chunky and satisfying like this was!

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missykender_9019239 January 20, 2014

Wow! This is so delicious...can't remember the last time I had Duke's Clam Chowder...but if this is it...it's a winner...I made as posted including the clam base which I did find at our local QFC...I used razor clams which hubby and I dug up this season...You really can't beat this...althou hubby and I still like Ivar's Clam Chowder too! Thanks for posting the recipe...=)

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teresas September 18, 2013

Excellent clam chowder. Although I used the suggestion that "Quite Contrary" used concerning the milks and creams. I also used chicken soup base instead of clam base since they don't carry that in most grocery stores here in Ohio. And I used 2 cans of whole clams. Very very tasty!!!

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retiree09 March 14, 2013

Excellent recipe but It would be just as good with about 1 cup less heavy cream. Our whole family loved it and will be making it again with the one change in the heavy cream amount. THX!

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Melanie Adrienne June 12, 2010

My husband and I recently ate at Duke's Chowder House in Seattle and thought it was the best chowder we'd ever had. I was delighted to discover this recipe on the Internet and just had to try it, however I don't think it's exactly the same one we had at the chowder house. Delicious, but the large amount of heavy cream in this recipe really weighs down the flavor. You can taste the cream more than you can taste the clams. I will make this again, but I think I'll substitute milk for about half of the heavy cream. Also I couldn't find any "clam base," which may have been why the recipe didn't turn out as good as the one at the restaurant. Still, one of the better recipes out there.

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GiddyUpGo August 18, 2009

Thick, rich and creamy! I did cut the fat a bit by replacing half of the heavy cream with evaporated skim milk, but it still was nice and rich. I like that theres not too much bacon in it.... just enough. This is a very well-seasoned clam chowder. A real keeper. Thanx for sharing.

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*Parsley* November 04, 2007

Hands down the best chowder ever! I Love this chowder and have been eating it for over 10 years... I visit the restaurant on the waterfront everytime I'm in Seattle. Mmmmmm nothing beats a bread-bowl filled with this delicious chowder. They used to give out recipe cards with this on it and I lost mine. Now I have it and will be using this over and over again. Can't thank you enough for posting it!

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12345678980123455677889 October 31, 2007
Duke's Clam Chowder