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Wow! We really enjoyed these. Does it negate the health benefits if DH eats 6 of them LOL? I used half white wheat and half oat flour, which I find always makes for a tender muffin. The nutmeg is really an unsung hero in this recipe; I was tempted to add cinnamon to the batter but I'm rather glad I didn't. I used plain fat free yogurt instead of buttermilk just because I had it on hand. Thanks so much for posting! I think these are going directly into my Best of 2011 cookbook! Made for Zaar Cookbook Tag.

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smellyvegetarian April 02, 2011

I had high hopes for this Duffin recipe. I was comparing it to a Duffin recipe of a local bakery and this one just paled in comparison. The texture was very nice and light and wonderful but I feel the recipe fell short with taste. It just was blahsville with a slightly baking soda taste. I used all the specified ingredients but made a half recipe. I typically do this to test a recipe for the 1st time. I am glad that I did as it just didn't do it for me. I did make some mini-muffins with small muffin wrappers which is a nice way to enjoy a bite of a duffin. I'll experiment with some other duffin recipes to see if I can find one that is more tasty. I took the mini-duffins out of the wrapper and tossed them into a bag with the cinnamon sugar mixture to hopefully coat them with a little more flavor. That helped a bit.

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cloverseed2 December 11, 2013

These are excellent. They're dense but light, and they're satisfying in a few bites. They're awesome!

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LadyMandyisms May 18, 2013
"duffins" (Donut Muffins)