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Awesome perfect sauce! Now my go to for orange sauce for ever more! Roasted my simply salted & peppered duck on a rack over a pan with the gizzards, heart, liver & neck to which I added 5 cups of boiling water after 20 minutes roasting at 450 degrees - then down to 400 until well done - crispy skin, lovely duck fat (to be saved & used in other dishes) & about 1 1/2 cups rich duck stock to be the base for a lovely duck & watercress soup. Thank you for posting this lovely rendition of the venerable classic, lazyme. Truly one for the all time greats recipe folder!

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Buster's friend December 30, 2010

OUTSTANDING! Really! I'm not a duck person, so instead of that I did my usual 4 chicken breasts, then doubled the amount of orange sauce & did the whole thing over hot brown rice! IT WAS REALLY GREAT, & there was enough left over for another meal as well! Obviously I adjusted the oven temperature & baking time, & the result was extremely tasty. Many thanks for posting this great recipe!

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Sydney Mike February 17, 2007
Duckling a La Orange