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These were GREAT! I grew up in Hawaii so I KNOW these are great! I just made the peanut sauce as I prefer it but will try the rhubarb cherry sauce next time. Thanks! Oh yeah, I personally never liked cilantro so I just left them out & always loved mint leaves with so went with that.

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mamabyrd808 October 22, 2008

I hate to give a recipe such a low rating as it’s first review, especially as I think it was probably good for what it was. I just didn’t especially enjoy this, just personal taste. The rolls actually turned out quite a bit like ones I had at a good Thai restaurant awhile back, unfortunately I didn't care for those either (thought it was just the combination of cilantro and mint that I didn't care for, so I tried theses anyway). The zucchini, sweet potato, and duck complimented each other nicely. It seemed like the herbs should have added to it, especially the sage, but I've never had this particular combination of herbs before, and maybe that was the problem. If I ever make these again, I think I would try something else in place of the cilantro or just leave it out and see how that turned out. The peanut sauce didn’t really work for me, but that might just have been me not being used to the stove in my new apartment yet. It burns very easily. I tried twice and I think still overcooked it the 2nd time, then it cooled by the time I finished making the wraps and it hardened and didn't really work as a dip. Sorry. It’s too bad DH & DS were out of town, so it’s just my opinion this time. Someone else to try it, and I bet we would have averaged out to more stars.

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littleturtle October 27, 2006
Duck Spring Rolls With Dipping Sauces