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We have just finished the last little bit of this duck confit. This is one of the world's most wonderful flavours. It is really, really easy to do, despite the length of the directions. It would be an excellent dish for someone who is looking for something easy and foolproof to do with duck. You can't undercook it or overcook it. I just did duck legs, which are available in my area at the local chinese supermarket. We had it many ways: on salads, in ravioli, in sandwiches and broiled to get the skin crispy. Great recipe - I hope a lot of people give it a go.

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Jangomango January 04, 2003

i have made this twice, this is awesome! i use 6 duck leg quarters. some fat from lard,1 lb, fat from 1 duck breast, rendered, 1 c olive oil.i cooked it exactly as you suggested, and it was just perfect and i have had the best confit salads, spring rolls,and pastas-- thanks for this recipe:)

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chia February 14, 2003
Duck Confit