Dubrovnik Renaissance Time Shrimps

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Total Time
10 mins
20 mins

This recipe is from Croatian culinary TV show called “Food from forgotten times”. The recipe is from Dubrovnik. It is similar to “buzara” recipe. The recipe also mentions one herb which grows only in Croatia, maybe in Italy (Sicily). It is herb grows very close to sea end on stone banks. It has very thick leaves which are more similar to some kind of cactus. We pick this herb in May and pickle it. The most similar taste is fresh sage, so this recipe will have sage instead of this herb.

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  1. Heat olive oil in a pot and add shrimps. Fry them 5-7 minutes and add wine. Cook until alcohol evaporates.
  2. Slice olives into round slices (remove stone), add fresh sage and capers. Add some water to cover shrimps.
  3. Cook additional 10 minutes. Serve.