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I am sorry but this is not a real irish cake. I tried it as I was curious and I wanted a cake to offer company thru the holiday period, but I have never had a cake in Ireland like this before, and the baked caramel and cream on the top made the whole cake sickly and sweet. you could not taste the apples in the bread at all, it was very disappointing. I used a normal bread mix and added an extra apple. I am sure that in ireland they would struggle to find a apple cinnamon quick bread mix. sorry - not irish and too sweet.

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RecipeJedi January 10, 2009

I used pilsbury apple bread mix which had an apple packet in it. Cake was very moist but the carmel made a hard crust on it like toffee. Recipe said to pour into ungreased pan but it stuck alittle. Any help on the carmel topping? I need to make it again this weekend and do not want to present a cake that sticks to the pan Thanks J

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dragonlady647 March 03, 2010

My sister made this for Thanksgiving. It was amazing (even with the whiskey omited). We all enjoyed it and was great with a dallop of whipped cream. Thanks for posting this recipe. It is a sure winner.

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Jenn1980 January 13, 2008
Dublin's Finest Caramel Apple Cake