Drying Seeds for Gardens

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Recipe by GypsyWinds

Something I love to do is save money. I have a friend that gives me several types of squash, along with many other goodies out of is modest garden. This is one of the ways we keep the good stuff growing.

Top Review by Braunda

Cherry Seed will germinate this way!!! I did it!!! Even though I will not get any cherrys out of any trees I will have the blooms!!(I live in northeast flordia) Thank You Thank You.!!

Ingredients Nutrition

  • seeds from squash
  • seeds from apple
  • seeds from pear
  • seeds, from any plant you want to grow the next season


  1. The best way I have found to dry seeds that you want to grow in next years crop is to wipe them off gently with a soft towel, and place them on a brown paper bag, leaving them in a warm dry area.
  2. I walk by and stir them up by hand 3 or 4 times a day--just moving them around.
  3. When they are completely dry (sometimes I leave them up to 3 days on the bag.).
  4. Drying time is normally around 8 hrs to prevent molding & rotting when placed in a container for storage until planting time.
  5. Please note - these are from organically grown produce from people I know. They are not hybrids. I am not sure of what the result would be using seeds from unknown sources.
  6. I put my seeds in a ziplock sandwich bag - just make sure to LABEL EACH BAG with DATE and WHAT TYPE of seed, if it was a SPECIAL apple - made a really great pie, instead of just listing the name - such as Red Delicious, then I add a note of what it was used for, it helps me to remember that this seed is something special I want to do again.
  7. I do not wash the seeds, it seems to work better for us this way.
  8. I keep all the seeds, which can turn into a very large amount.
  9. I plant them all, and choose the seedlings my family will use.
  10. Any seedlings left over I give away.
  11. Our town has a large community center for people in need of life assistance. They offer groceries, clothing, house items, along with many other services.
  12. The center is pleased to have them, and by the end of the day the seedlings are off to a new home.
  13. Although we are in a large city, there are many "container gardens" everywhere. I have seen several balconies on large apartment buildings with some fine looking vegetables growing!
  14. Prices seem to increase on produce each year, including the seedlings & starts.
  15. I find it just as easy to have 90 seeds growing as 19.
  16. Another great trick is to re-use containers from fast food. I have several that are a solid bottom with a clear plastic top.These make great little greenhouses to put in the window sills!
  17. I even use the large plastic containers - trays that the family packs of meat come in from WalMart. They are GREAT for the "step 2" in growing good starter plants.
  18. My family constantly teases me for the large box I fill of different sizes & styles of containers during the winter months to use the next spring!
  19. I just filled in numbers on servings and time, as everyone will have different results.

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