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I think that this recipe might be fine as a dry mix, but I found that it was terrible as a salad dressing. I used the suggested 1 T. mix to 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of mayo., and had a soupy, flavorless mess. After adding much more mix (probably 5 Tablespoons or so) I had more flavor, but it was still not of salad dressing consistency, even after I refrigerated it for 2 hours. I finally added about 1/4 cup of the mixture to some sour cream to thicken it up, and it was passable. I won't make this again.

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Maria M. August 14, 2009

Lifesaver! I reduced the amount of salt and be sure to use salt-free onion and garlic powder to reduce the sodium further. I recently learned about dry buttermilk powder and it is very handy in the pantry for many recipes. Thank you, Impera!

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COOKGIRl August 03, 2009

I'm trying to cut down or out on salt and when I made Green Chili Enchilida's which I have posted Green Chili Enchiladas found it way too salty and knowing I didn't add salt found the culprit to be the "Ranch Powder Mix." Finding your recipe I will still be able to enjoy some of my recipes. Thanks!

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Justmez2 April 16, 2008

And thank you so much for sharing. MY twin boys were starving, as usual (had just finished a substantial dinner a couple of hours before)/ I had chips on hand and veggies but no dip. Went on a hunt and found this one which looked and sounded good, also had everything on hand. Quickly put it together and saved the day. Had some left over and it was twice as good this morning. So I guess the trick here is to make it the day before you need it. Thanks for a keeper my dear, and my boys thank you too. Lee

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Lee from New Mexico September 30, 2007
Dry Ranch Salad Dressing Mix