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I am so thankfull to you for posting this recipe our 7 month old dog had lost all of his hair and had some bloody spots in the neck area , the skin looked like dandruff speckled leather it was so dry.He was a pitiful site to see he did not feel good , whined and cried and wasn't eating very good either . We new it wasn't mange , but did not know what it was. Then I found your post and we thought we would give it a try , since we tried most everything else , we were afraid we were goig to have to put him down if we didn't find something that worked, and thank God this worked ! A few day's after using this he started to act like himself , stoped crying , started eating better and within a week or so his hair began to come back he had little short stubby black hair again ! It seemed no time at all and he had a full coat again , and his fur is so shiny and beautiful and fully recovered. We still have our ''Rascal'' with us thanks to you .... THANK YOU SO MUCH ....Wilma

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Chef Grammaw April 28, 2010
Dry Itchy Skin Relief for Dogs