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I made the recipe to spec and the dish had a vinegar taste that over powered everything else. I finished my serving but was disappointed. I dont know if using rice vinegar would be different, but i used basic vinegar from the asian grocery. So, to fix the problem, the next day, after the dish sat in the fridge and some of the sauce dried up, I remade the sauce without any vinegar and mixed it in. This fixed it and I am much happier. It still doesn't taste exactly like from a thai restaurant, but very good!

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MattNBen January 27, 2013

You may include your favorite ingredients in "drunken noodles" but my Bangkok born wife knows you need to base your sauce with Tamarind. Tamarind extract can be bought in Asian markets but a more readily available substitute is Knorr Tamarind Soup Base,

Plus, do whatever you can to find "fun" noodles, chow fun, made fresh. If unavailable, thick and wide RICE noodles can be soaked for hours in tepid water to then drain and use in your recipe. If chicken goes in, it is best to RIP strips off with your fingers. Shrimps added should be good size and butterflied. Basil MUST be FRESH

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sageofsalem July 10, 2011
Drunken Noodle / Pad Kee Mao