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Why did the chicken cross the road? To accept an invitation to dinner, why else? This particular dinner was well worth it. You didn't say light or dark Tequila so I first made it with light and the second time with dark, I think the dark lends a better flavor but the light wasn't too bad either. The third time I added a bit (1/4 tsp) of crushed Red Chili flakes at step 5. I Usually serve it with my own spanish rice (Pierre's spanish Rice #77908), salad dressed with Key Lime juice and a nice Sangria (Cuestick Tasty Sangra #69522 is pretty good but then I've hardly met a sangria I didn't like.). Mexican Oregano and most other top quality spices is available at www.worldspice.com , their stuff is always as fresh as possible and they don't grind anything unless you request them to, but they don't recommend it. It's best to keep spices whole and grind just before use. Until a year or so ago I didn't know that but it is true. Thanx for posting this great recipe. Pierre

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Pierre Dance July 18, 2004

This was flavorful and wonderful!!! Definitely a way to perk up plain chicken.

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Jeffsmom September 08, 2003
Drunken Mexibird