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This was easy & delicious - my kind of Monday night recipe! I didn't change anything except to leave the roast in the crockpot for 12 hours (I am gone from 7 to 7 on Mondays) and this worked out fine - the meat was nice & tender. The night before, I browned the roast as required and then refrigerated. And I also prepared the liquid and spice mixture ahead & placed in the crockpot. In the morning, all I had to do was pop the roast in the pot, switch it on, and go! Thanks, Sue!

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KeyWee January 14, 2003

We had this roast for dinner last night and it was excellent!!!!!!!!I did everything the night before and threw the crockpot in the fridge as others suggested. It only took 5 minutes to thicken up the gravy, make the mashed potatoes, and egg noodles. I did, however, make some changes as we are major garlic lovers. I used 35 large cloves of garlic, 1 huge sweet vidalia onion, and mixed the cornstarch with beef broth. We don't do leftovers, but the dog had a very delicious dinner too!!!!!!!Thanks for posting this recipe, it's a keeper and I'll be making it again soon!

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Chippie1 April 03, 2003

Outstanding!! This was easy to prepare and thanks for the previous review I was able to assemble it the night before. Served it with mashed potatoes and a mix of cauliflower, broccoli and carrot vegetables. The meat just soaked up the flavor and the gravy was excellent. A real keeper.

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Audrey M February 04, 2003

The roast came out wonderfully tender and full of flavor. My husband loved it, but I thought it was just okay. If I did it over again, I would not add the Dijon mustard. It gave it an "odd" aroma and flavor. The rest of the ingredients were good and the roast came out well. I might make this again.

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MonkaMomma June 03, 2003

Made this last night and it was Delicious! Everyone raved about this meal. My sister asked me for the recipe AND my mother finished her plate and that NEVER happens! The only problem I had was my meat fell apart like shredded pork when I cut it, maybe it was my technique, plus I am new to slow cooking. But the meat was delicious and I served it with mashed potatoes and a side of sauteed broccoli with garlic. It was a great birthday meal on a snowed in day in NYC. This recipe will make the cut and I preffered it to the other recipes which use soup mix and vegetables! Thanks for the great meal!!!

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mish1nyc February 11, 2013

This was sooooo good! My mom made the worst pot roast ever when I was growing up, so I've always stayed away from forcing it on my family. It was all too much for my little crock pot, so I braised it on the oven for about 3 1/2 hours. I was out of cornstarch and used flour for the gravy. It all turned out perfectly. Thanks for sharing the great recipe!

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ThatKat February 09, 2013

Try this with a Pork Shoulder Roast "Picnic". Tastes great, just reduce the cooking time a little, or use a larger roast. I place it right on top of the potatos and carrots. Then I add Asparagus the last hour or so...WOW

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sjsleuth January 01, 2011

I liked this one quite a bit. It had a sweet garlicky flavor that went really well with the buffalo roast I used. Unfortunately, while DH wasn't sure he liked it the first time, the second time he was sure he didn't. Was told not to make it again. If someone in the family doesn't like the sweet onion flavor (as opposed to savory), probably won't be a good choice.

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Captain's Lady November 19, 2010

Outstanding as usual, Sue L. I will confess, I was a little freaked out with all that garlic but I put it in and it turned out just fine. There flavor of the gravy was magnifico and I used it to go over mashed potatoes. The beef was fork tender and so delicious. This one ranks as one of the best. Thanks Sue L.

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ratherbeswimmin' July 17, 2003

Fantastic! Pretty much doubled all the flavor adding ingredients, and my company says it was the best ever. Had leftovers for days, served it with mashed potatoes the first night, and on top of a thick slice of French bread for other times. Delicious! :)

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RobynLUVs2Cook! July 30, 2014
Drunken Garlic Crock Pot Roast