Drunken Cherries Aka Cherry Bomb

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2 mins
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I had bought a large jar of cherries to make my Three Not So Blind Mice Three Not so Blind Mice , So with the left overs I soaked them and they disappeared!!! Also the left over Rum that soaked the Cherries can be used in a drink of your choice or try it in my Cranberry, Apple Spiced Tea #48626

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  1. Cover Cherries in a jar with Rum.
  2. Serve in Pina colada`s or straight up.
  3. You can pour the rum on a cooked chocolate devils food cake before icing.
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This is soooo good, so simple, so easy....loved it. Used in conjunction with your cake & frosting - it's a big hit - just don't get pulled over by a cop after you pop one of these in your mouth! ;)

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I just bought a small jar of cherries for this recipe. They are good and strong! I think they would be fab on an adult milkshake, or dessert. That said, they go down fairly easily, right out of the jar! ;-) Thanks so much for sharing this beauty, Rita~!

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The cherries are so addictive in the rum. yum! thanks Rita :) Made for All you can cook buffet