Drew's Bread Pancakes - An Atkins Low-Carb Bun Substitute

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 3 mins

Made specifically for low-carb diets, this batter is very versatile for making hamburger or hot dog "bun-pancakes". Use two pancakes for each hamburger bun. Use one rolled pancake for a hot dog bun.

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  1. ***Note:I have not tried these as a stack of pancakes with syrup; however, we use them for a bread/bun substitute while on the Atkins diet.
  2. Recipe makes 4-5 pancakes; use 2 pancakes to make 1 hamburger bun.
  3. ***Mix all ingredients together to form a medium thin pancake batter, adding water to make desired consistency (from thin to medium thick).
  4. On medium-hot griddle or frying pan, pour batter to make round pancake the size of your hamburger, or spread batter to desired shape and size.
  5. (Make oblong shape for hot dogs, link sausage or bacon).
  6. Fry on one side until pancake is cooked enough on the first side to flip it over, about 1-2 minutes.
  7. Flip pancake and cook on second side about 1 minute.
  8. NOTE: Batter should be rather thin if you plan to use pancakes for wrapping a filling.
  9. It should be a little thicker for hamburger buns, but don't make pancakes too thick in relationship to the thickness of hamburger, or you'll have too much bread.


Most Helpful

You know, this wasn't bad. I was curious how good this "atkins" thing could be and I was very pleasantly surprised. There is really only a very slight difference in taste and texture between this and the not-atkins pancakes. Very good.

Mimi Bobeck July 26, 2003

I made this using Recipe #65129 as the baking mix. Turned out great and quick and easy. Yum... pancakes. A nice change from the normal Atkins foods of meat, dairy and veggies.

coffee lady seattle March 29, 2011

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