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Excellent brunswick stew recipie. Like I had in the 1940's. Warning: I didnt watch tomato sauce carefully enough and it got dry..my fault. I also added more red pepper than needed making it a wee bit hotter than I normally like so go easy on pepper. I,m just adding some tom. Sauce to cut letting it go too long which works fine. This recipie is great if you hate to spend alot of time cooking and want something healthy..you can a lso freeze.

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witworm123 July 30, 2003

This is a great brunswick stew! I thought it was easy to prepare, I cooked my chicken yesterday then followed instructions today to complete the stew. I placed the entire stew in my crock pot and left it to cook while I went to church. The house smelled awesome when I came in the door and it was total comfort food on this cool autumn day,Thanks for posting Range Rover. DH really liked it without a single suggestion to change it.

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Cinda Lu October 03, 2010

If you are looking for a wonderful Brunswick Stew then you have found the best recipe right here. I have made this as printed several times now and received wonderful compliments from family and friends. A side salad, crusty bread or corn bread and you have a hearty winter meal.
The left overs the next day are even better . I serve peach cobbler as dessert which is a perfect compliment. As mentioned in another review, this can be put in the freezer with ni problems. Make , eat, enjoy... !!

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Sammijo September 29, 2010

I’ve been looking for a good Brunswick stew recipe, and this fit the bill! I had some shredded dark meat smoked turkey in the freezer that I needed to use, so I started with some chicken stock at step 9 instead of boiling a whole chicken. I added a dash or two of Tabasco at the end for some heat. The finished stew was thick and hearty and very tasty. With some good cornbread it was the perfect comfort food for a chilly autumn night.

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LizzieBug November 07, 2005
Drago's Brunswick Stew