Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This NON-EDIBLE recipe is named after the strange material that falls from the sky in Dr. Seuss' book, Bartholomew and the Oobleck. It's a really fun recipe to be used as a science experiment of sorts with young children. ----Is it a solid? ---- Is it a liquid? **It's a liquid until pressure is applied. Hit it hard and it feels like you are hitting a wall! Touch it gently and the material will flow around your fingers like water! **Have fun using different utensils to play- see what form it takes while using different cups, spoons, bowls, etc. HAPPY PLAYING!


  1. Mix ingredients together in a medium sized bowl. (Add water slowly as it may not need entire cup!).
Most Helpful

This stuff is awesome! It did exactly what was promised. It's hard when you stir it fast or hit it but its liquid if you are easy on it. My 8 year old had a blast with it! Thanks for the great recipe!

buffyfan#1 July 08, 2012

My 7 year old daughter and I just made this. We had alot of fun playing with it.

bonjovi4ever June 20, 2011

Wow, what fun my 7 year old and I have been having!! This stuff is so weird. It looks liquid, but when we sink our fingers in it, it is firm and powdery feeling. It's neat to watch it ooze off your fingers back into the bowl. It immediately assimilates back with the remainder in the bowl (reminds me of the silver T-1000 bad guy in the Terminator movie). The only bad thing is our hands now look like one of the Navi from Avatar. Maybe the color will wear off in a couple of days. Thanks for this cool recipe!

michelles3boys February 19, 2010

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