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Very good recipe! I made 24 cupcakes. Since I am the only chocolate lover in my family, I left the cocoa out to make them vanilla Dr. Pepper cakes. I put 1/2t. vanilla and a splash of Grenadine in the icing - delicious!

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jshreffler June 29, 2010

I've been making this for years and love the uniqueness of it compared to coke/7-up cake. Believe it or not, the recipe I have also includes mini-marshmallows in the batter, just in case there wasn't enough sugar, lol. The frosting is very sweet and oftentimes I just sift powdered sugar over it or make half a recipe of the frosting, heat it and drizzle like a glaze to get a touch of extra flavor without the gooey sweetness. :o)

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winkki February 04, 2007

Made this cake yesterday and thought it was just okay. Would have given it maybe 3. But we tried it again today, and it tastes a lot better. Quite a lot better, in fact. The cake kind of solidified into a denser yet still moist cake. My hubby who absolutely detests Dr. Pepper and claims that he can taste it in the cake loved it. I guess this is one of those cakes that you just have to try for yourself. Didn't use all of the sugar called for in the frosting and I added a little vanilla. With a cooked frosting you just need to make sure you get it on the cake right away. The longer you wait the more difficult it is to spread. I liked the consistency of it after it set.

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Lisanne :) September 19, 2010

awesome recipe! fun to make with the kids & tastes great!
Thanks for sharing

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Princess Minnie December 14, 2011

WOW!!! Just made this tonight and it was amazing! I didn't have any cocoa powder so I ended up using hot cocoa mix and it turned out wonderfully! I also added some cinnamon and salt to the frosting cause it was too sweet for me at first. Definitely a keeper, will be making this again!

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Miss Gwenie August 24, 2010

I made this cake into 24 cupcakes for a birthday party we were hosting. The cake was very rich, chocolatey and delicious. I found the frosting to be a bit sweet, but it was still very tasty. I couldn't really taste the Dr Pepper clearly, but the cake had a definite punch of spice to it, which I can only assume came from the Dr Pepper. These cure a chocolate fix, that's for sure! We'll be making these again. Thank you!

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Dine & Dish January 24, 2007

I used old fashioned pure cane sugar Dr. Pepper, available only in Texas. I also only used a half a box of powdered sugar in the frosting. Great cake. I prefer coconut but had a guest request this cake and boy did they love it. I chose pecans as the nut in the frosting.

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riffraff May 30, 2005

The instructions weren't very clear, after following them to the letter our cake took at least 30 minutes more than the written baking time. Once the cake cooled it proceeded to fall apart as we tried to take it out of the pan. The frosting was very runny, even after adding a whole bag of powdered sugar and letting it sit. The cake tastes like a lovely chocolate cake, but the lack of Dr. Pepper was a let down. All in all I might make this recipe again if I am in need of a good chocolate cake, but I will definitely be searching for different Dr.Pepper cake recipes.

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whenricks1 December 21, 2014

I think it's really nice. It reminds me of a chocolate sheet cake I always make, but with a slightly different flavor. I'm most pleased to have alternatives to the plain chocolate cakes that I get sick of eating at birthday parties. I dropped about a cup of powdered sugar from the icing--I don't like it too sweet. Maybe next time I'll only drop 3/4 of a cup because I'd like the icing to be a little thicker, but don't worry about not having enough icing. This was plenty.

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Bake Em N Take Em February 25, 2014

I made this cake last night, and I'd have to say that I wasn't very impressed.<br/>Now, mind you that I did not follow the step of heating the soda and the butter, this may be why the texture of my cake was off. I also decreased the cinnamon amount from 1.5 to 1. <br/>Without heating the butter and soda together, the cake was a little too airy and difficult to remove from the buttered sheet pan. Even on the surface, the bubbles from the carbonation are visible. I imagine that heating the soda takes away some of that carbonation.<br/><br/>However, it's the flavor that makes me give this recipe 3 stars. The flavor of this cake is more cinnamon and chocolate than anything. Even with the decreased cinnamon, the flavor very much over powered the rest of the flavors in the cake. I will eventually try this again with a few modifications, but wether or not it goes into the recipe box is still to be seen. I don't need another chocolate cake recipe, I wanted something with a big Dr. Pepper flavor, and this cake is NOT it.

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Spineshank1775 January 28, 2014
Dr. Pepper Cake