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Ah, the simple joys in life! This is assuredly one of them. Love, love, loved the fried onions and ham on the toasted pillowy-soft hamburger bun. I added a handful of shredded aged cheddar and enfolded the whole thing in the waxed paper/foil as instructed. The steam action totally makes it!

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under12parsecs July 22, 2011

This was a perfect complimet to our potato soup last night, warm and comforting. The onions are amazing, and I took the time to steam mine in the wax paper and the tin foil -- wrapped it all up and then let it sit in an oven that had been at 350F and was turned off for about 10 minutes while I finished up the soup. It was perfect! Thanks for posting Andi! I loved this and will make again many many many times! Made for THINK PINK event October 2009!

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~SarahBeth~ October 29, 2009

Yummy, another winner from my friend Andi. This is a terrific sandwich, quick, easy to make, with terrific flavors and textures. I used a wonderful brown sugared ham, sweet vidalia onions and thick slices of Portugese bread. What a treat this was, so good, the hardest part was waiting to eat it. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe, which I will make again and again.

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Baby Kato November 26, 2012

Wow! These are surprisingly delicious :) I knew they'd be good but I never would have imagined that such simple ingredients could make such a tasty sandwich! Thank you for sharing this treat, I will definitely be making them often!

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KLBoyle November 09, 2011

What on earth is it about this sandwich that makes it so darned delicious? Seriously, it's not complicated, seems pretty straight forward and simple. But the taste! Oh my, the TASTE!! It's awesome! I'm hooked, I seriously can't believe how good this is. Andi, you are a rock star, thanks for posting! Made for Aussie Swap :)

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~Leslie~ December 03, 2009

I have to say, I've been eyeing this recipe for awhile, and it is perfect for after Thanksgiving! Just WONDERFUL!!! I did use country ham (salty) as that is what I had on hand AND what I prefer! I must admit I didn't use the onions, as I don't love them...Sorry. I did use a bit of swiss, as I had a chunk in the fridge; I used my cast iron skillet, hoping to 'recreate' that 'flat-top' tatse; impossible, I know, but I had to try! :) I cooked the ham until it was a bit 'crusty', then scooped it onto some fresh bread. I returned the sandwich to the skillet, to melt the cheese, and then placed sandwich into a wax paper-foil packet, to steam. Moist, soft and delicious, my mouth is watering for another already! Thanks for the story, Andi, and the sharing of the ham sandwich. Outstanding!

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alligirl November 30, 2009

I have been dying to try this for a long time (the description is just so inviting) and I finally got around to it! I was not disappointed. I used butter to saute the onions and used a country-style 12-grain bread that was nice and soft. I even did the wax paper and foil method. What a simple delight this turned out to me. A nice big Kosher garlic dill pickle rounded out my lovely lunch. Thanks for posting this.

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JackieOhNo! November 23, 2009

An absolutely brilliant sandwich, which everyone should try. Quick to make, deceptively simple and just delightfully, wickedly delicious! Although I was full of high expectations in making this sandwich, I think part of me must have doubted that it could equal Andi's Egg Salad Longmeadow Farm 303423 sandwich, which I absolutely adored when I first made it, and have made several times since. Happily, I was wrong! So I now have two wonderful sandwich recipes, for once again the magic of Longmeadow Farm had me transported to a culinary seventh heaven. I made my super sandwich on my favourite rustic crusty ciabatta, I used low-fat mayonnaise and the optional butter and a top quality ham. Beyond superlatives, Andi! Thanks for sharing another wonderful sandwich recipe!

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bluemoon downunder August 19, 2008

Super easy and yummy! I toasted bread and added sautéed mushrooms. Squeezed a bit of yellow mustard on top of the mayonnaise. Delicious!

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SharonChen January 09, 2016
Down on the Farm - Fried Ham Sandwich - Longmeadow