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I subbed some of the shortening with applesause and put in a couple shakes of red pepper to add a kick. YUM YUM YUM! thanks the second time i made these they turned out very very flat. i had to keep adding more and more flour and finally the last batch had a little height. i dont know why. i did the same thing and the first time they were perfect?

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sprue January 29, 2007

I love these cookies! Love them, love them, love them, and I don't even have a sweet tooth! BF loves them, and he isn't even crazy about ginger like I am! They were a hit at a Christmas party, too! I was griping to myself a bit when cutting up the candied ginger, because that took a while (big ginger pieces which were sticky, I figured out after a few that tossing a bit of sugar on them made it easier) but other than taking more than the allotted prep time, this recipe is perfect. Maybe my ginger-cutting speed will improve after I've made these many more times, as I surely will. Thanks for posting this!

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lortle December 12, 2005

Gingery for sure!! These cookies have quite a 'bite' to them from the amount of ginger. I was a bit worried about the large amounts of spices but the end result is wonderful. The only change I would make is to maybe use 1/2 tsp less ground ginger next time. But otherwise these are a new favorite; I love crackle cookies and gingerbread/spice cookies so these are awesome. Thanks so much for posting!

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flower7 November 28, 2005
Double Ginger Crackle Cookies