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EXCELLENT! This cake rises beautifully and retains both it's moisture and flavour (even 3 days later!!). The frosting (a boiled frosting like my Mama used to make & I never could!) is supurb!!! Easy to make (use a candy thermometer for a proper temp reading - it's essential! A heavy bottomed saucepan is your best choice here) and the flavour is magnificent!! My husband actually asked for a 2nd piece (he never asks for 2nds of anything!!!) As a variation, use maple flavouring and top a chocolate cake - WOW!! THANKS for this excellent recipe, one I'll be making again and again!!!

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sharflan July 11, 2010

The cake is super moist (I used full-fat coconut milk) and light. We used a coconut cream cheese frosting.

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Kobi Brock January 09, 2011

Really good cake, the icing amount was perfect to have it high and fluffy. I didn't have any cream of tartar on hand so I substituted it with 1tsp of lemon juice and it turned out great.

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wildegirl September 07, 2009

I made this cake to take to my in-laws house for Christmas dinner. It was great! It was very easy to make and the icing was amazing. Based on other reviews, I made a half batch of icing but, for my preferences, I should've made the full amount - I had to really scrape the bowl to cover the cake in a minimally acceptable way. Also, my newly bought baking powder was a YEAR out of date (AGH!) so my cake didn't rise, but I actually got a lot of compliments on it's smooth, pound cake-like consistency. So score one for terribly stocked grocery shelves!

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*Lena* December 29, 2008

Excellent cake and surprisingly easy to make!! We made it just as stated and, like others, ended up with twice the amount of frosting needed. The recipe doesn't indicate to have the frosting 'set' but I think next time I will place it in the fridge for a bit before frosting the cake. The frosting was great but seemed too thin and needed to thicken a bit. Next time I think I'll split the batter into 4 pans and make more (but smaller) layers - - this would use up all the frosting too :). Oh - I didn't measure the coconut; we just played it by ear. We added coconut to the entire outside of the cake - top and sides and it was great. Thanks for sharing!!!!

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BeePeachy November 15, 2008

Being a chocoholic, I made this cake cuz my sweetie pie had a craving for coconut. This was sinfully delicious. I think I am now a convert. I found the directions incredibly simple. I did make a few changes though. I used eggs from chickens. When I set the oven temperature to 350, I then turned the other knob to the on position. Duh.2 The frosting was no chore at all for my stand mixer. It whipped up those egg WHITES in no time. This is better than any store bought or box cake ever! Got any more? Chocolate maybe?! Chocolate-Coconut?

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Chef Booshman May 05, 2007

Mine didn't turn out well. 1. The cake didn't bake for some reason. I thought I followed directions but it just didn't cook in the middle. I'm more of a novice so maybe some "trick" I should have known was taken for granted here? I even baked it for an extra 5 minutes (the toothpick always came out with cake on it).I was afraid it would overbake so I finally removed it anyway. Grr. 2. The frosting was nice and frothy until I added the sugar and water. It became runny. What did I do wrong? A tiny bit of egg yolk spilled into the whites - could that be it? Anyway, I see that it had a lot of potential but I had to throw it out. I'm new to baking and didn't know cakes were so difficult from scratch.

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Zig March 10, 2004

The best coconut cake I have ever had. Well, actually, I didn't make a cake - I made cupcakes! Strangely enough it made 14 cupcakes, which turned out to be a good, large size (except I halved the frosting since I didn't want too much) . I made them for my dad for Fathers Day and I'm definitely going to keep this recipe. Well worth the time and effort!!

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Cookin' Swimmer June 22, 2009

This is not just the best coconut cake I've ever had, it's the best cake I have ever made - period. I made it for my husband's birthday and he's not a big sweet eater, but he ate 3 slices! The cake itself, without the frosting would be fantastic, but with the the yummy, fluffy frosting, it's just crazy. I ended up with much too much frosting, so next time I'll probably only make half. YUM!!!

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caetb November 13, 2008

I gave this 5 stars, after making 4 of these. I had to tweak the recipe a bit, and made it better. This is really good, but play with the flour, I didn't sift mine the last time and I added 1/2t more of baking powder, it rose just fine. I think next time I'll reduce the sugar just a little, because I used 1c. coconut milk and 3/4c. of Coco Lopez, mixed well. The Frosting is heavenly and a breeze to put together. Thanks a bunch Kiddo.

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ellie444 January 19, 2005
Double Coconut Cake With Fluffy Coconut Frosting