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Omg, this is so rich so good, so sinful DH was so impressed to the point that he said I don't cook well but my desserts are just amazing. Bah! He didn't even want to divide the huge ice cream glass (the one on the photo) and wanted to eat it all himself especially when he found out that I used sugar free chocolate ice cream, 8 oz sugar substitute instead of the powdered sugar, and sugar free chocolate covered wafers.I also placed a tsp of vanilla ice cream for a bit of contrast and used a mixture of pistachios and cashew nuts in the cake and topped this decadent chocoholic's dream with chocolate fudge. My, my, my! Thanks for sharing this, SweetsLady! We truly enjoyed it :) Made for PRMR.

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Pneuma July 22, 2008

in one word RICH! This was a chocolate explosion! I used Sweetlady's Triple chocolate ice cream, mint oreo cookies, leftover ganache from Sweetlady's "Honey I'm peanuts about you" cake (which acts like magic shell on ice cream!) peanuts and mint m&m crips. This has so much potential! I can taste the many different flavor combos one could create with this mix! And the brownie bites are pretty darn good all by themselves!!

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Cuistot June 17, 2008

If you're a REAL chocoholic, you'll want to use something MORE than just chocolate ice cream for this ~ Sometime I gotta try this with Ben & Jerrys Phish Food, but for the first time I also used a Triple Chocolate Chunk ice cream! When the cake was cooled I cut it into bite-sized pieces, then assembled the finished dessert in a 15"x9" glass dish, where I put the cake pieces in unevenly, before scattering over those cake pieces some 12 chocolate covered orange sticks that I'd cut into small pieces! Added a 1/2 cup of candied pecans, chopped, before using a small scoop to add balls of ice cream on top of all that! Believe it or not, all of that was set out for the vultures, & before the ice cream could melt, the whole thing was gone (I'd expected to have to put leftovers in the freezer, but not this time around! WONDERFUL! [Made & reviewed for one of my adoptees in this Spring's Pick-A-Chef]

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Sydney Mike April 15, 2008
Double Chocolate Ooey Gooey Butter Cake Ice Cream (Paula Deen)